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Looks like we're done here.

Tantalus was an experiment in cooperative advancement play for Spiral Knights. The idea was to build up a recipe and item base large enough to support an entire guild through one combined effort. We had a great group of people working together for the good of all.

Then Three Rings changed everything. It was no longer possible to advance with the help of others. Basically they changed a cooperative MMO into thousands of single player adventures. Pretty much everyone stopped playing.

I tried to hold the torch as long as I could, to keep the fires running and rebuild. But there is only so much you can do on your own. As of now, I'm officially leaving Tantalus in the hands of any who remain, if any still do. I'll leave the site up until Guildportal shuts it down, as a reminder for those to come of what once was. To my friends, I still miss you all. I hope to see you again in another game. To Three Rings, I am not bitter. I had fun, while it lasted. To everyone else:

Last one out, get the lights.

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BukkitKnight, Jun 30, 11 10:36 PM.


BukkitKnight, Jun 12, 11 8:44 AM.
Nick tweeted about me :)


BukkitKnight, Jun 9, 11 1:40 AM.
I (sort of) won at a contest thing!

new CE market tool

BukkitKnight, May 25, 11 2:52 PM.
I made a tool to calculate prices when playing the CE trading market. Check it out on our Market page!

New officers

BukkitKnight, May 22, 11 10:15 PM.
3 members have been promoted to Officer status: Kiroto, Steamcore, and Snowyote!

Congrats to all of you, feel encouraged to invite any players you think will be valuable members of Tantalus! Please let me know if you have any feedback.
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